The Aquarius Trust Tournament - Parador Malaga 2016

The third event of the 2016/17 Med Golf season on Sunday 13th November 2016 was a little further afield than our normal venues. Located on the outskirts of Malaga and surrounding the Parador hotel, the historic Malaga Parador Golf course presented a good but fair test for the players and the event offered a great opportunity for a short break and a chance to spend some time in the city.

In spite of the long travel distance, 48 players turned out to contest the Acquarius Trust Trophy and several brought their partners to combine the golf with an overnight stay at the hotel and join them on an enjoyable walk around the golf course. The proximity of Malaga Airport and flocks of local parakeets were on hand to provide a possible distraction for non-golfing plane and bird spotters! The chilly start to the morning was soon replaced by warm sunshine and a gentle breeze which developed into ideal conditions for golf; however, the challenging nature of the course ensured that there were no runaway scores and the results were unusually close.

Mock The Parador Malaga 2016 Tournament Group
Mock "...put Louis in front buy one point to give him the Trophy"

Other prizes were won as follows:

Martin, unsurprisingly, also won the best pairing along with his partner Stuart Ferguson. Stuart added a further 39 points to their cause to score an unbeatable 80 points between them.

Adding to his growing collection of best gross trophies, John Hunter scored a very fine 76. Keeping it in the family and adding to his collection of longest drive trophies was John’s son Josh.

For the benefit of non-golfing readers, when scores are tied in Stableford competitions, the decision goes in favour of the lowest handicap. If still tied, the last nine holes are counted back, then the last 3 holes and finally the last 6 holes. Why is this important? Read on!

The Aquarius Trophy competition went to the wire. Louis Calvente and Paul Nash each scored 35 Stableford points so the result was tied and both were off handicap 14. Both had the same scores on the last nine and last three holes. It was only the count back on the last six holes that decided the result and put Louis in front buy one point to give him the Trophy, two 2 green fees on the San Roque Club Old Course and a significant move up the Jyske Bank order of merit. It doesn’t get any closer than that! However, Paul did not go home empty handed as he was the Category 2 winner as shown below.

Other prizes were won as follows:

The best performance on all the par 3 holes was Roger Griffiths with a gross score of 1 over par. The best team pairing were Richard Atkinson and Paul Harrington with a combined score of 62 points.
Adding to his growing collection of longest drive trophies was Josh Hunter and adding to his best senior trophies after his success as champion in the last event was Martin Burns with a score of 33 points.

The best gross score of the day, where every hole must be scored, not for the first time was David Macgregor. David is no stranger to the Med Golf prize lists and, in spite of having just a half set of clubs in a pencil bag to ease his walk around the course, appears several time in this one.

Our handicap category prizes were won as follows: Category 1 (handicaps 0 to 12): Javi Hunter, never far away from the prizes, was the winner with a score of 34 points beating David MacGregor into second place. David had 31 points. Category 2 (handicaps 13 to 22): the runner up was Darren Anton with 33 points who was beaten by Paul Nash who narrowly missed winning the Trophy with 35 points as described above. Category 3 (handicap 23 and above): Tommy Pearson was runner up with 33 points having been beaten to the winner’s spot on handicap by the now familiar face of Martin Burns who also had 33 points Nearest the pin winners were: John Hunter, Steve Stonefield, Dave Cuthbertson and Ross McQuater. David Macgregor won nearest to the pin in 2 on a par 4 and nearest to the pin in 3 on a par 5. Guests are encouraged and made very welcome at all events. While they are not eligible to win the trophy or category prizes, they can win the many mini-competition prizes and even a best guest prize if warranted by numbers and of course the scorecard draw at the end of the prize presentation. Thank you to everyone who supported this event and congratulations to the prize winners. The new season has got off to a good start and there will be many more opportunities to enjoy a great day out on different golf courses and work your way into the Med Golf Masters in August 2017.

The Top Twenty in the Jyske Bank Order of Merit

  • 1. Martin Burns
  • 2. Roger Griffiths
  • 3. Javi Hunter
  • 4. Louis CalventeJoe Sanchez
  • 5. Joe Sanchez
  • 6. Steve Stonefield
  • 7. John Hunter
  • 8. Stuart Ferguson
  • 9. Josh Hunter
  • 10. Mike Cowburn
  • 11. Nicky Sanchez
  • 12. Ross McQuater
  • 13. Duncan Quigley
  • 14. Richard Atkinson
  • 15. Douglas Cascairo
  • 16. Daniel Lomax
  • 17. Tommy Kai
  • 18. Ian McNee
  • 19. John Robbins
  • 20. James Lax

Only the top ten will qualify for next summers Masters! As you will see from the full rankings, 19 of the top 20 have played all three events. Once we have 5 or more events then you will see some big changes in the rankings as some players may have a great average, but have only played 4. They put in another blinding score on their fifth event and can be projected straight into the top ten.
The full rankings can be found by clicking here.

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